Meet Catherine

Hi, I'm Catherine Wever,  Owner and Founder of Baby Bear Sleep Consulting. I live in St. Louis, Missouri along with my husband and children. I’ve been there. No sleep for days & you’re convinced this is your new life - completely exhausted.  I searched online for hours and found so many conflicting method that eventually I gave up. I found myself not enjoying this special time and was at a loss. Finally, I discovered personalized sleep consulting. All the guessing games were taken out -- no more Googling! My life changed within days and my baby began sleeping through the night! Years later, he continues to be an amazing sleeper.  Friends and family members reached out asking for the "secret”  to our success. After being asked this numerous times, it clicked! I want to help families from all over the globe get sleep! I became a certified sleep consultant and its the best decision of my life. Unlike articles & methods on the internet,  is not a “one size fits all” approach. Most families start seeing improvement in as little as 2 nights. I look forward to helping you and your family sleep better!